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I have always been insecure that I’m flat-chested Featured

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"I have always been insecure that I’m flat-chested. Always padded bras and at times, I use 2 bras. Oh right? But that’s how I cope up, I don’t blame myself for that. I am not ashamed of it either. I don’t lie about it. I even let my girlfriends/acquaintances touch my “armor” (yeah, that’s what I call my brassiere) just to prove to them that it’s fake. Plus it's uneven too. Now, a friend of mine sent me a “bralette” and as a way of giving thanks, I wanted to post a photo wearing it. I couldn’t because it was a see-through bra. So here I am, trying to be a confidently beautiful strong woman!! Hahahaha. This is it!! No bra, no pads, all or nothing BABE!! Nothing to see here, just appreciate the bralette! Hahahahaha! Kidding aside...I crave for people to appreciate their flaws, honestly speaking, even if I am flat-chested, I wouldn’t say it’s bad to my eyes. I may not have some things that other women have but I also know that I have things that other women don’t. We often beat ourselves up for not being perfect, because we compare ourselves to others. Don’t depend on another person’s definition of beauty, learn to appreciate yourself more each day. Stop thinking about what other people think and say. Be your own kind of beautiful." - Sasha Santos

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The World is Flat! ~ Flat is Beautiful ~ Size Does NOT Matter ~ Saving the planet, one chest at a time ~ You don't have to be flat to like Flat!So? This Page is Really For Girls/Women Only
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