We hope that our goal in providing details on this issue - flat-chested and small bust - will help all females out there to accept their body as is. In a world such as ours, we understand that their will be many females that are put in a situation that shouldn’t be. Mockery and being teased are some of these problems that girls and even women faces. We are in a world were people lack understanding bringing forth their ignorance.

In regards to being flat-chested, we are beautiful. Size doesn’t matter.  Therefore, Flat!So? was developed for those flat-chested, small bust or breasts to come together in one website to become a community while progressing support, acceptance, understanding and connecting with other flat-chested females out there.

We invite all those females out there to be a part of Flat!So? This is for females only. Become a Flat!So? member and be part of this community, subscribe now. You can also like us on our Facebook Page, subscribe on YouTube, Follow Us on Twitter and or Contac Us form. and experience happiness within yourself.

Our site isn’t just meant to inspire you but to come together as one. Flat!So? Saving the planet, one chest at a time. You don’t have to be flat to like Flat!So?