The Flat Chested Girl & Why I’m Cool With That.

Why choose to speak about this today? Well, I think that’s because this bodysuit that I love is probably one the most telling tops I own of just how flat-chested I am. And honestly, I don’t mind that fact. I am considerably comfortable with my body now but there was a time that I wasn’t.

Before I hit puberty, I became unwell with an illness known as M.E, something I have mentioned before and so you may or may not already know this about me. Anyway, while the doctors were taking their sweet time trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I lost a considerable amount of weight, which I never really properly regained until I was 15 years old.











I always wondered if this had anything to do with my overall growth but I don’t know if I will ever find that out. So, I was very slim and had no boobs and I hated this as a teenager, I wanted to be curvy with boobs, I guess that very typical “ideal” body type. Anyway, I got used to my body shape I suppose but having no boobs was an issue for me and I used to purposely buy bras that were too big for me, bras that had all the padding one could imagine, just to make it look like I had something underneath my t-shirt.

When I reached 17/18 years old, I had filled out a little bit, probably due to an ignorant and adolescent attitude that I could eat whatever I wanted and not have to worry about putting on weight. I was a little more confident but not enough to stop the statement coming out of my mouth to my parents that I wanted to get a boob job. That sounds crazy to me now but at the time I was set on it.

When I met my boyfriend in 2007, I was incredibly shy about my boobs, I would never let him see me without a bra, though not through his lack of trying! Sorry TMI! I remember telling him my plans to get a boob job and while he didn’t think I should, he knew that he couldn’t tell me what to do. So instead he did something amazing, slowly he helped build up my confidence with how I looked at myself, at my body, at my boobs and over time I fantasized less and less about one day getting a boob job. Then something else happened, I realized that one of the main passions in life was getting dressed, putting outfits together and just clothes in general. Being interested in style is an arena where having no boobs actually benefits. Now, this is not to suggest that you have to have little to no boobs when it comes to having an interest in personal style or fashion because expressing your individual style is not about what body-type you have. But I think you can understand where I’m coming from and that I finally found a place where having no boobs worked to my advantage.

I also am aware that I don’t want to spread the message that you need a man or woman to give you confidence but it’s also okay to admit you did have help from someone. This also isn’t a story against a woman who has boob jobs because I understand that it is the only option for some. But I will say if you are considerably young and considering getting a boob job, give yourself time because your feelings will likely and hopefully change because as I’ve gotten older, I have undoubtedly become more confident in my mind, body, and soul, as have many other women I know. So give yourself time to work on you first before making any decisions.



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