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Flat and Loving It

 Are you Flat as in flat-chested?

One day came to a challenge when one of an acquaintance pointed out my chest. I never really thought or even focused on my chest until someone opened up such a topic. Yes, I am a flat-chested girl with no blessing in the chest department. I've never thought of myself as flat-chested or at least, never really focused on my chest. But considering those kinds of girls who call themselves flat just because they are an A cup makes me one of them. Well, I can’t even remember the last time I could fully fill up an A cup bra and on top of that, I wasn't alone. I was confidently assured that there are less than five people who are flatter than or as flat as I am among all the people that I know. 

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I was absolutely flat-chested. I may sound apathetic about it but indeed, I am actually at ease with my flat-chestedness. I suppose I have high self-esteem. In fact, I even did tops and dresses that accentuate my flat chest. I guess knowing how to dress with a flat-chest makes everything easy.

I don't recall being mocked during my teenage years about my boobs or neither made fun off, but I do remember I was the first among my friends to start developing some boobs when puberty hit during adolescent days. I was actually “the girl with boobs” so I thought. For a short time, I had thought I was blooming early while the rest of my friends seems to not develop their boobs right away. But, of course, the girls quickly got their turn and there's grew bigger than mine. Everyone was filling out the front of their tops while mine was still barely emerging at all. Mine was small compared to theirs. And seeing their boobs developed changed me.

For the next few years, instead of focusing on it, I focused on what I could do with it. And, that's when I realized that accepting my body should be the first step to change my thoughts on flat-chest. Before, I thought being a teenager was about trying to find our own skin. Usually, if you let other people’s affirmation or mockery bother you, then you'll often find their way into the foundation of one’s self-esteem. I've seen mean girls and boys teasing and mocking others with small boobs but why be bothered when we can do something about it? Rude remarks do hurt but don't let anyone degrade you for who you are. Much more, don't feel inferior to be around other girls with nice boobs because whatever boobs we have, even boys or guys will still desire you. Just be comfortable and confident even if you are flat-chested.

Nowadays, there are all sorts of “boobs-enhancing” remedies such as from food to supplements, to massages, and you can also try those heavily-padded pushup bras. Or, if you want you can even go braless. The advantage of being flat-chested are numerous. Don't focus on your chest too much. Or, even think that guys will not want you. Remember, being flat-chested is sexy too.

I guess what made me accept my body is when I learned to choose the right clothes. At first, I wasn't confident enough choosing those clothes to wear but in the long run, I was able to flaunt it. I felt sexy and happy accepting what I had. Don't think of enhancing your chest via breasts augmentation. Be comfortable in your own skin and accept God's creation. Acceptance is the most important. Once you accept your body as is then everything else follows.

I think that society is often to blame on why we expect more from ourselves. With all the adverts of women with big breasts and imposing that big breasts are sexy is the reason for women out there with flat-chest desire to have big breasts. Don't base your self-esteem solely on a superficial standard that society has imposed onto us and believe that inching ourselves closer to that standard we can attain happiness and satisfaction with our bodies. That standard is not even absolute. Beauty shouldn't be judged on a woman’s boob size. How can this be valid? Should the saying "only brown skin is beautiful" be valid or relevant? This is just downright absurd. Everyone and anyone is or can be beautiful in their own way.

As I see it, we should have the self-esteem to be confident and comfortable in our own body whether flat-chested or not, we should accept our body as is. Consciously, I now see my body in a new light and ease and with the insight that can only come from age. Accepting who you are and being flat-chested is the first step to accepting your body. It will take a journey for some but in the end, it's all worth it. I hope all girls and women out there could find ease in their bodies because it is solely entirely yours. No one else should have a say on how it should look to please themselves. Shoutout for "Flat and Loving It."


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