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Confessions from a Flat-Chested Girl

I must confess that this topic is really personal to me because as you see, today will be about "flat-chested" or "no tits" which is something I can seriously relate to since I am flat-chested and I've hated it for so long, hated myself and my body image just because my tits (even nowadays) are so freaking small, like a little cookie or kind of hahaha.

But let's get into the story of my flat-chested life, go get some tea, snack or whatever you want to have now and get prepared to read a really weird story of a girl who hated herself for how she naturally
Okay, so since a little girl I was naturally skinny (like almost all kids the all I had was a tiny bubble belly but that's all).

When I started growing up all the girls around me would develop physically (yup, I'm talking about getting boobs, taller and looking like barbies) but little me would stay the same, flat, not too tall and looking like a baby (sooo baby faced guys) I was like 11 years old or less so I really didn't mind that at all, I mean I did notice but didn't care at that time. Again, puberty hit all my friends like a truck, body, face, and boys falling for them but I WAS STILL THE FREAKING SAME no change, nothing. I was so angry with myself for not developing like other girls were doing, I was like the little ugly duck in the group and I hated that so I did something so stupid, stupid and ten times stupid; I started overeating to gain some weight so it might go to my no existent boobs and boys may like me as they did with the other girls.

So, I started eating, eating like crazy and my family said that it was because I was growing up and my body needed it, ofc I said yes but they didn't know that I was eating like that because I wanted boobs! sometimes I wasn't even hungry but I made myself eat and eat till my stomach hurt. I spent years like that, until I was like around 16 and guess what yup, your girl was still with a flat chest, with 16 looking like 13 and some said 11, hilarious isn't it? tell a girl that is obsessed with looking older that she looks so young, ha, yeah so fun_
One day a good friend of mine told me that I was "getting fat" so I started eating less and...uh...that's another story that someday I'll make an article about it, but today is no tits time! okay so, let's keep with the story of my tits life. The thing is that as I started eating less than OH, by the way, I almost forget to tell you that although I was eating like a pork I didn't get boobs at all, or ass or anything else!!.
Anyway getting back to the story, as pure science, my tits that were so tiny got tinier WHAT IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE????? well, let me tell you, my friend, that it is possible!
I lost so many years feeling unloved, unwanted and all for my boob size, I know for some people it's might be stupid but for some of us it's so hard to accept that you're not able to go to women bra area to shop because you're not even an A cup, it's hard my friend, really hard because nowadays boobs are everywhere and we are constantly bombarded with the idea that women MUST have tits in order to be desirable and be hot and beautiful and men grow up with this idea which makes them want to have that kind of women.
There's not only one type of boob size and even if the world knows about it we have to be honest that society always puts women with bigger breasts as the most desirable.
I've cried and told myself that anyone will NEVER love me because I was flat-chested, that I could never please a man because of the way I was, with a baby face and looking 5 years younger. It's hard to write this to you guys because I've never told these thoughts to ANYONE and now you know about it...but it's okay because I hope that my weakness can help you to get stronger and to understand that you don't need surgery, you don't need to have bigger boobs to be beautiful or loved because you're already loved by a God that created you like that and he thinks you couldn't look prettier...just like that, flat chested, that, he thinks that you're the most beautiful creature he has made.
Girls, I know the struggle, trust me but it's okay to be the way we are, we don't need to change, loving ourselves is the biggest revolution. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and give you another chance because you deserve it, and WHO CARES if you don't have a lot of guys falling for you, I think it's better to have one that will love you no matter what rather than 20 that only love you when you look good or that love ONLY how you look. You deserve someone that kisses your flaws and help you to clean the mess you are sometimes.
I don't know what to say because it's hard guys! it's like facing something I've been hiding and now I'm writing about it to post it so a lot of people can see it and who knows...maybe will judge me, maybe will relate with my situation, I DON'T KNOW! but the only thing I hope is that I can get to help you because I know how hard is to struggle with body image. Please, learn to love your flat chest, I don't want you to lose the time I lost just because you don't fit in (it's freaking okay to not fit in!!) don't worry about boys, worry about not being capable of loving the body you've been given in the only life you got!
Nowadays I'm 19, and I'm still struggling with my boob size that magically is a little noticeable now lol, but I don't care, I wouldn't imagine myself another way. I remember telling God that I hated the body he gave me, that would never have a boyfriend till I had a boob job because he needed a woman, not a girl WTF see? I was wrong!! I'm enough, I was enough and I will always be enough, YOU are enough and always will, please, PLEASE love yourself, PLEASE!

I promise you, that tonight I'll pray for you so God can help you to love who you are. I know it's hard, but you can.
And yes, sometimes I feel like I used to feel..." like I don't deserve love, because who could love a girl like this? the boy sooner or later will get tired and will go with a girl that gives him what he wants" But that's not true and I remind myself that every.single.time. The truth is that someone who truly loves you won't get tired and wouldn't leave you for a couple of boobs, that's ridiculous!. Do you know? it's funny because when I go to the mall it's hard for me to believe that a boy put his eyes on me BUT ENOUGH OF ME.

I REALLY hope I helped at least one of you! 

OH BTW!! Look at this girl:


ISN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL? guess what!! she's flat-chested but SHE'S SLAAAAYING! so are we ;)



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