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Small Boobs is the Best; It Saves Stress too.

Are you flat-chested? Are your boobs small? Ever been mocked by people because of your flat-chest or small boobs?


          We understand that many girls and women feel indifferent when it comes to flat chest. Some may have been mocked or teased because of their flat-chest and some wouldn't probably care at all because of the self-esteem they have gained onwards. But for those who have been teased and mocked, have you ever wondered what those people aim in life for their mockery?

          Do they even know that being flat is beautiful? In fact, there are lots of advantages to being flat. So what if we are flat? Flat is beautiful!

          To those people that don't understand what flat really means, here are some ideas.

          Do you know how comfortable it is to walk like you've got nothing on your chest? Even when something is there??

You never will... (because only flatchested people understand this.)
They face the floor and sleep without struggles...
They jump and extra thing won't jump with them...
There is no need to pack up before going out, you just run out of your house, go on your business. No plenty of chest packaging  

          In this world full of judgmental people, we are all different - body, mind, and soul. So, please don't come and tell me to allow you to manipulate it to be large!!! They love and cherish it.

         They walk and run, nothing will walk and run with them.

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Small Boobs is still the Best!


The World is Flat! ~ Flat is Beautiful ~ Size Does NOT Matter ~ Saving the planet, one chest at a time ~ You don't have to be flat to like Flat!So? This Page is Really For Girls/Women Only


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