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Flat Chest Exercises

Flat Chest Exercises

As you may already know, there are chest exercises known as bench press, incline press and decline press. What’s the purpose of this? To make a long story short, inclined, declined and flat bench presses work your upper, lower and middle pectoral regions, respectively. Easy, right?

Here’s a more detailed explanation…

Let’s take the example of just laying on a flat bench. In this case, you’ll be focusing most of the work on the center of your pectorals. This is sometimes called the “sternal” portion of the Pec major because it’s near the sternum (a.k.a the breastbone). Now let’s adjust the bench so that you’re angled more towards the ceiling in an inclined position. What have you done?

Now that your pressing angle is more inclined in relation to your body, the upper part of the pecs are more in focus. Some people may refer to this as the “clavicular” portion of the Pec major (because it’s near the clavicle or collar bone). Declining the bench in the same manner places more attention on the fibers lower on the pectorals. The declined press is often overlooked in chest workouts because this only works a small part of the muscle. It’s still important nonetheless.

Your pectorals are large muscles and therefore require more work to maintain. In other words, you should do more sets with larger muscles than for smaller ones. For example, you may want to do between 4 and 10 sets of chest exercises (not all of the same exercise!) in each workout. If you’re just beginning, however, you should just start with one or two sets to avoid injury, avoid overtraining and avoid a weight plateau.

Did you catch that? Remember, do not overwork any individual muscle! This is a sure-fire way to fail quickly. Vary your workout and do some different exercises in each session to make sure you’re getting full benefit out of your chest exercises.

Yes, I know you’re anxious to get under the bar and bench about 600 pounds, but even the biggest and strongest bodybuilders on the planet start with a warm up routine, mostly consisting of stretches and lifting very light weights.

What To Do First?

Let’s take a moment to think about it – which exercise should you do when you first get to the gym and most energized? The same thing applies to work or any other activity. You’d normally choose the one that requires the most effort so you can get it out of the way. In the case of weight lifting and strength training, getting the difficult exercises done first is a way to get through the sets. If you saved them until last after you’ve been working out for 45-60 minutes, it’s likely you’ll be too tired to finish the difficult exercise.

On that note, it’s important to change the order in which you do your chest exercises in successive workouts. Why? Your body adjusts to a stimulus. If you keep changing the stimulus load and frequency (as outlined in a periodization workout), your muscles must be ready for everything at all times. This means you’ll be stronger for longer! Do the difficult exercises earlier in the workout and save the less-difficult exercises for afterwards. When this routine settles in, switch it up! The key is to keep changing the stimulus.

Let’s also take the example of always performing the flat bench press before your chest flys. Chances are that you’ll never have full strength during your chest flys because you’ve already worn yourself out with the bench press. In other words, this is a fantastic way to reach a plateau, if that’s what you’re into.

Have variation to your workouts! This doesn’t only apply to chest exercises, but also to any other muscle group and often many aspects of life. After all, who wants to constantly do the same thing? Even if this is what your job entails, enjoy some variation at the gym!


A great way to add variety is to integrate pushup workouts into your daily routine. These are excellent exercises that are cheap and extremely versatile. Not only do the mostly work the chest and arms, but they also engage the core muscles to ensure stability, flexibility and overall strength.

A Final Note

This rather large body of text may be somewhat daunting, but have no fear! Doing chest workouts aren’t hard or particularly dangerous. Many of the things I’ve mentioned to avoid can cause damage over the long term. However, when performing chest exercises or any sort of free weight or barbell workout, it’s highly recommended to use a spotter. Use the right amount of weight and don’t get stuck under the bar! For more information on weight lifting safety, try this page.

Now, for the chest workouts…

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