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Are you flat-chested? Are your boobs small? Ever been mocked by people because of your flat-chest or small boobs?

Underdeveloped breasts can be called many different things, including small breasts and hypoplastic breasts. Although many may defer to breast size as being an unimportant characteristic of our bodies, some women experience some complications regarding their breast size. This underdevelopment can occur for one of several reasons.

Why choose to speak about this today? Well, I think that’s because this bodysuit that I love is probably one the most telling tops I own of just how flat-chested I am. And honestly, I don’t mind that fact. I am considerably comfortable with my body now but there was a time that I wasn’t.

Before I hit puberty, I became unwell with an illness known as M.E, something I have mentioned before and so you may or may not already know this about me. Anyway, while the doctors were taking their sweet time trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I lost a considerable amount of weight, which I never really properly regained until I was 15 years old.

Our body parts like arms, legs, feet, and ears grow to a certain size and then stop. However, the boobs is completely a different story. The breast size and shape can change throughout your life.
To be considered “normal”, our boobs tend to have a standard size. The breasts may have different sizes and shapes but eventually will come back to a standard size. If you think that your cup size was predetermined, there are a lot of things that affect boob size. Some of the biggest factors that influence the overall size of your breasts are as follows:

Thinking back, I recalled remembering my sixth grade. It was very clear like it was yesterday.

Many girls started developing their breasts which meant they would need to wear training bras. Back in the days, “develop” was the word they used. Nowadays, it’s just boobs- large, big, or small. Still, I wonder why mine seems to avoid me. The growth action of my boobs seems to have shied away.

Is the world really obsessed with breasts - especially the big and bouncy variety ones? But then, there are those that aren’t blessed with big, bouncy breasts. Some women have a flat-chest that can often feel a little… deflated! Well, that’s not bad at all! At least, they’re breasts.

Now, let's talk about 14 things only a flat-chested woman would know:

What makes breasts so fascinatingly different from each other? Here's a roundup of the main factors that affect a woman's breast size and shape. 

 Are you Flat as in flat-chested?

One day came to a challenge when one of an acquaintance pointed out my chest. I never really thought or even focused on my chest until someone opened up such a topic. Yes, I am a flat-chested girl with no blessing in the chest department. I've never thought of myself as flat-chested or at least, never really focused on my chest. But considering those kinds of girls who call themselves flat just because they are an A cup makes me one of them. Well, I can’t even remember the last time I could fully fill up an A cup bra and on top of that, I wasn't alone. I was confidently assured that there are less than five people who are flatter than or as flat as I am among all the people that I know. 

Tuesday, 09 July 2019 22:56

The World is Flat! ~ Flat is Beautiful

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The World is Flat! ~ Flat is Beautiful ~ Size Does NOT Matter ~ Saving the planet, one chest at a time ~ You don't have to be flat to like Flat!So? This Page is Really For Girls/Women Only

Flat!So? In One Word Says It All: Flat!So?
I Am Flat! So? Flat is Beautiful
I Am Happy With My Self Even If I Don't Have Size 38 Breasts. I Love Myself And Will Not Go Through Plastic Surgery To Enhance My Breasts. They Are Fine Even How Small They Are. Size Does NOT Matter. I Know I Am Flat And I Am Proud Of Myself Exactly The Way I Am. This Group Is For All Girls And Women Who Are Flat And Happy With Life To Share Their Thoughts & Experiences With The World. There Must Be Millions Of Us So Please Join And Ask Your Friends And Family Who Are Flat!So? Too Or Those Who Love You Too To Join & Make Ourselves Heard :)
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