We are a non-profit organization that has come to a conclusion to help within our ability any issue related problems in society. Therefore, it has come to our attention that this subject matter as regards to flatchested has never been really focused on. Because of our goal to help others, we have decided that this subject should be our objective.

In return, our organization will focus on bringing all the flat-chested females together in a website to become a community while increasing their knowledge regarding flat-chest. Moreover, helping one another through support and understanding.

Our organization understands that many girls and women with a flat chest or small breasts are not happy with the way their body is. Because of this, we have dedicated ourselves to helping those that are flat-chested or small-busted girls and women to accept their body. As such, bringing together in one website to contribute, provide assistance and moral support from one another while increasing friendship within the community. Besides, talking and communicating with other flat-chest females is helpful especially if they both have the same mutual understanding about their flat-chest.