Are you flat? As in, flat-chested?  

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Do you have a small bust? Are you a late bloomer?

Well, you could probably be saying “Yes” to all of these questions but hey, do you know that being flat-chested is really sexy and even hot? Yet, there’s more to life than focusing on being flat-chested when you can actually do something about it.

Introducing Flat!So? a website designed to help those that are flat-chested, small bust, small breasts, and even small boobs or whatever you may call it lacking in that section. Flat!So? is an organization focused on females with flat-chest. We have developed this site for those flat-chested females out there to provide information, acceptance, embrace and even enhance a flat-chested person figure.

We, at Flat!So? designed a website to provide insights, understanding, and awareness on how women with flat chests can accept, be content with their figure while learning more about flat chests. We understand that there are many women, endless of origin or race, lack the knowledge in this topic. Moreso, many young girls have felt, at one point or another, disappointment on how their body is growing. Some are late bloomers while others tend to stay as-is. Flat-chested forever!? To the point that mockery and being teased about their chest is experienced.

People can really go so far as to torment those with a small bust and flat chest. And, making them feel, in return, shameful of their body and unacceptable. But, it really is unnecessary to experience this if those people are open-minded. We are differently made and created differently in body figure. Different is good.

Would you want the world to be the same everywhere especially in that section? Flat-chested is now the new trend like the models out there. Skinny or thin, flat-chested is now accepted in today’s generation. So, having a small bust or being flat-chested surely rocks.

"I accept my body. I accept how I am and make the best of what I am given." ~ Kate Winslet

For all the girls and women, Flat!So is here. Size doesn’t matter. So what if your flat? Flat is beautiful!